When I was five years old my teacher gave scraps of fabric and needles and thread to everyone in the class with the instruction to start sewing.  I folded my fabric in half, wrong sides together, and sewed a few big, ugly stitches down one side to make a skirt for a doll.  I was concentrating so hard I didn't notice what the girl next to me was doing until the bell rang for the end of class.  I looked at what she'd made.  It was a little cotton skirt, sewn right sides together, turned through, hemmed at the bottom and gathered at the top!  I was absolutely furious and devastated! How could I not have been told how to do this? And that was it.  I was never going to feel like that again with regards to sewing. Many decades of practice later, I have decided to start a business offering all my creations.  My favorite medium is textiles but I also love to paint and draw, sculpt and use a wide variety of media.  I hope you will find something you like.

Elizabeth Milner, I hope you are happy.  This is your doing.