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Frankie (Francisco)

Sold Out

Frankie ran away with the circus at a very young age and has been “drifting“ ever since. He is looking for someone kind and understanding to give him a good home. Preferably someone who is open-minded and forgiving, since he does have a few interesting quirks. He can tell fortunes (for a small fee), balance anything from a spoon to a coffee table on his chin, and do a triple somersault, double back flip and quadruple cartwheel and stick the landing.

Frankie is approximately 26 inches (66cm) tall, made of cotton fabric and stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill. He is hand painted and embroidered with plenty of buttons. He is wearing comfy little moccasins and his best hat with hand made tassel. He has a little loop on the back of his head to hang him up.

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