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“Prince” Angus McCoatup

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A Prince! Ha! If he’s a prince I’m Mr. Rogers in a speedo. He bought that crown from the yard sale Harry and Meghan had before they beetled off to Canada. He has a few drinks then tries to convince all the other dolls that he’s a genuine royal, but he actually just uses it to cover his bald spot. Fake prince! He has barely a nodding acquaintance with the truth. He travels everywhere with his teddy bear: George Archie Harry William Charles Edward Not Andrew. Even his watch is fake.

Angus is 22 inches tall and made of hand painted and hand embroidered cotton fabric stuffed with fiberfill. He has button joints on his hips and shoulders, enabling him to sway and stumble when he’s had a “couple of pops”. His pants are 100% wool, so if you machine wash and dry them they will shrink to fit his Teddy. His bow tie is 100% dupioni silk and his socks are 100% acrylic. His shoes are hand stitched wool felt with daft little buttons.

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