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The Mothia


Martha of the Mothia is John’s oldest daughter. She is irritated all to hell because it looks like her much younger brother John Junior is set to take over the family business once her old man pops his clogs. She thinks it’s most unfair because she is highly qualified. She has had extensive training with a fly swatter and can chew holes in all manner of things.

Meanwhile cousin Milo showed up out of the blue to see what’s going down. He has his eyes on the prize too.

Martha and Milo measure just under 12 inches tall. They have a hand painted cotton body, appliquéd mouth and eyelids, button eyes and wool yarn hair. The attennae are thread covered wire.

They are not toys! As if! A hanging loop can be attached to the back of the head on request. Not for young children because of small parts. (Choking hazard).

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